Short Answer

Write 2-3 sentences per question

Avoid plagiarism (Do not copy and paste materials from the textbook or a website)

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  1. What are the orders of Greek architecture?
  2. What stylistic change in art followed Constantine’s death in 337 CE?
  3. How would you compare the kore and kouros with Egyptian sculpture?
  4. How are black-figure vases different from red-figure vases?
  5. How do historians divide the Classical period?
  6. What imagery appears on the Lion Gates at Mycenae, and what was its possible significance?
  7. Write a paragraph (3-5) sentences about an interesting fact or topic that was discussed in Minoan Art or the Greek culture video. E.g.. matriarchal leadership in the Minoan art/culture, significance of the bull/matador image, ‘beauty’ and ‘perfection expressed in Greek sculpture and paintings, the mass production ceramic paintings
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