Energy usage and it’s associated costs has pervaded the discussion throughout the class with the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil spill is becoming a thing of the past. The bottom line in that our current lives and what we expect to have focus on oil and coal(local and imported fuels). Both of these sources of energy are produced and refined for our ultimate usage at a price to our water, air and land (think mountaintop removal mining!). With oil reserves already peaked in the US and other countries that race is on for real alternative to oil based economies.

  1. What are the top 2 most reasonable for the region energy sources to fulfill our basic household demands for energy here in the Northeast US? Feel free to think outside of the box here and consider new technology, high and lower energy production ideas. Whatever you choose, explain the basics of how each works in simple but precise terms. Consider the status of development or availability, relative (or future) costs and obstacles to massive implementation? Think IPAThere.
  2. Contrast your first answer to what energy issues developing nations like Northern Africa, Algeria etc? Think of the conditions and natural resources, topography, climate etc that might be utilized. If you were in charge of the World Bank, or United Nations Developing Programs or Environmental Programs (hint hint) where would you be more likely to allot funds to help reduce poverty and crushing interest on loans from the past.
  • You must provide at least TWO decent length posts that use peer reviewed articles to substantiate your idea. You should be posting and responding to others in the class as well.
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