Child Care Facility Analysis

Take a video tour of Little Angels Learning Academy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. in Missouri. As you watch the video, analyze various aspects of the facility and how it is designed, organized, used, and maintained. Support your analysis by referencing the philosophy, vision, and mission statement that you created in Week One. Facility aspects include: safety, welcoming environment, indoor space, outdoor space, health and well-being, philosophy of learning, staff, developmentally appropriate practice, parent communication, etc.

In your post, assess one aspect that you feel is commendable with support from Chapter 5 of the textbook. Then, evaluate one aspect that you feel could be improved with support from the text (these may include aspects of the facility that were not addressed in the video). Lastly, offer specific ideas for improving these aspects. Your discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.

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My philosophy, vision, and mission statement from week 1. Use this for reference in the post.

My New Child Care Center: Imagination Station


Here at Imagination Station our mission is to provide each and every child with an early childhood experience of high caliber. We are endeavored to create a safe and developmentally appropriate environment which will help each individual child with their own unique set of needs and skills. Our staff actively views education as an ongoing collaboration between the parents and teachers. A child’s job is to play and we strive to incorporate play into our daily curriculum and activities.


Our goal at Imagination Station is to supply a home-like environment; this is especially important for the children who are facing their first experience away from home. We offer small class sizes that allows us to provide ideal student to teacher ratios (4:1). Our smaller student to teacher ratios gives the teachers the opportunity to make a powerful impact on each child’s educational journey because they are able to provide children individual attention that is critical during their early years.

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