1. Do you strongly identify with a particular social group/groups? What would you consider is your social identity? Which of the groups you belong to are dominant in our society and which are not?
  2. What is a social group? What do the members share and how does the membership affect the members?
  3. Give examples of three social constructs that you may believe in or in which some people think is true.
  4. What do you think of race as socially constructed?
  5. Regard your gender and describe how society defined certain roles for you from when you were born till today.
  6. What do you think of sexual orientation? Why is heterosexuality considered natural and superior?
  7. Why is it considered economic and financially sustainable to keep the poor in the lower socio economic strata, thus creating a social class that is lesser than the class with has more income, resources and more power? Is this the dominant way of thinking and believing?
  8. Summarize how the American population is changing with regard to race, age, sexual orientation and physical disability. How would the new trend affect social welfare programs?
  9. Trace the historical implication of exploration, colonization, forced relocation, enslavement, expansion into Mexico, immigration, refugee influx and finally undocumented immigrants in creating a more diverse country. How do these events help us understand current social problems?
  10. What are some factors that prevent people from utilizing social welfare services?
  11. Describe multiculturalism and how can social workers be culturally competent?
  12. The Ecological framework integrates cultural sensitivity and multiculturalism. Please explain this with examples.
  13. How can one achieve cultural competency?
  14. The Child and Adolescent Service System Program Technical Assistance Center views cultural competency as a continuum consisting of six stages (Cross, Bazron, Dennis, & Isaacs, 1989:cited in Lecca et al., 1998). What are these stages?
  15. What civil rights should the LGBT people have? What can social workers do in their daily functioning?
  16. Why are multiracial or transracial adoptions controversial?
  17. What are your view on reparations for past injustices, underfunded schools, environmental justice, English only emphasis and genetic or biological determinism of diversity?
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