The Winter’s Tale

was one of the last plays that Shakespeare wrote, and he seems to

be thinking about youth, or the parent

child relationship, in a novel way perhaps based

his own enwisened perspective. How do parents regard their children or their own

childhood in this pl

ay, and how does that explain their behavior

or sense of self

in the

present? You might think about



peaking of children

as “cop


” of

their fathers


or Polixenes’s association of

youth with Christian innocence

, or Hermione’s efforts as




or the shepherd’s dual role as biological and adoptive parent


Follow standard MLA formatting


inch margins




Times New Roman font





no space between paragraphs,


text parenthetical citations of the act




line numbers

or of the hour:minute:second

). Although there is no requ

ired page length/word count, I

anticipate a satisfying argument in response to one of these prompts would run 2000

2300 words (6

7 pages). Focus on analyzing lines of speech and dialogue first and

foremost (and analyzing plot points secondarily). The most

interesting arguments

develop from a careful consideration of Shakespeare’s word choice


You may speculate

on how modern and/or Renaissance audiences would react to the play as part of your

argument, but keep your argument grounded in the text

Note: The key focus is analyzing what Shakespeare is saying in the text and discuss word choice and further in depth meaning of what he is saying.

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