You are the assistant to the CEO of Soy-DRI and have been with the company since its inception. Late yesterday, you received a communication from the general counsel indicating there may be a potential problem with customers’ misusing Slab-Dri and Pet-Dri. The CEO has requested that you meet in order to come up with a comprehensive action plan to resolve this matter. The CEO Is overseas and has therefore instructed you to attend this meeting as her. His representative to ensure that Soy-DRI stakeholders’ interests are represented. The CEO, remembering the scandal surrounding BeechNut, the company that promoted fake apple juice as “100% natural,” is concerned about the impact any bad publicity could have on the company.

Soy-DRI has long valued the environmental sensitivity and health safety of its products, especially Baby-DRI puts no additives into its products. But instead uses complex processes to remove the unhealthy additives present in its raw materials prior to their delivery to Soy-DRI.

From the general counsel and CEO, you have heard that some lower-income families and cost-conscious adults are using the less inexpensive Pet-Dri and Slab-Dri, in lieu of Baby-Dri, the CEO wants you to remind the meeting attendees that product liability juries generally find in favor of the plaintiff where babies and toddlers are concerned, even in the face of evidence of the plaintiff’s own culpability. Also, you are to make sure they remember the upcoming shareholders’ meeting next month and the CEO’S strong position that good ethics is good business.

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say about the problem of this company and give the solution, and give the short-term, mid-term, and long-term goal

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