This is an exercise in ethics and civics. Prompt: The 1920s were a boom period economically, but the era ended in the greatest economic bust in American history. Who/what do you think was most responsible for this bust? Why? How did the New Deal address the causes of the bust? Place your answer into the historical contexts a provide specific and detailed historical facts as evidence.
    NOTE: You must provide specific and detailed historical evidence in your posts – cite as appropriate.

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    1. Click on your Learning Community in the course menu to your left and access your group discussion board.
    2. You must make an initial post, according to the instructions below, before you will see other students’ posts.
    3. For your initial post, you must start a new discussion thread to respond to the prompt above. The subject line of the thread should be your last name.
    4. After posting initially, check out what others have written and thoughtfully and substantively reply to at least THREE other participants.
    5. Note – While you only need to reply to THREE people, you are strongly encouraged to participate more by replying to several people. Not only will this help deepen your thoughts on this week’s materials, it will also increase your chances of getting full credit on at least three comments/replies.
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    1. Use only the materials provided in the course module or your assigned textbooks. We have vetted all materials in this course and other materials may or may not be appropriate for college level work. I will downgrade anyone who uses outside materials.
    2. Remember what you have learned about thesis statements and evidence in the Historical Methods Portfolio. Your post should have a thesis statement and it should have both primary and secondary source evidence in support of the thesis
    3. Don’t quote secondary sources. Paraphrase in your own words and then cite instead.
    4. You must properly cite using the Turabian/Chicago style that you can find under “Writing Help” in the course menu to your left.
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