This is a paper written in terms of a “consulting” position, so to speak, for service/operations management. We are attempting to understand the brand, the direction, the marketing, the consumer target, etc..

You will be tasked to develop a proposal to examine and improve upon the Customer Service of one of six companies that the Instructor will offer the class to pick from. The premise is that your “consulting firm” has been hired to conduct research in and make recommendations on all aspects of the “customer experience” of the chosen company with the goal of achieving what authors Frei and Morriss describe as “uncommon service.” Some will have achieved some of the qualities already, but you may want to improve on them. In essence, you will be conducting the report from a Services Management perspective. The report that you will produce must include or address:

  • How do they fund their decision?
  • What are their employee management processes and policies used to affect their decision?
  • How are they managing their customers?
  • How do they decide who their best customers are?
  • What is the culture of the company and is it aligned with their stated goals?


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You are writing your own Proposal based on what you have learned in Service Operations Management, and other business core courses. The plan should be comprehensive, typed for submission to the bank. You understand that the Company will not accept the Proposal if it is not submitted on time. The Proposal must deal with specifics and address all the points listed above.Include any definitions or explanations of the recommendations you make to ensure there is complete clarity as to what your deliverables are. While the Company has hired you to improve the customer experience, make sure that they understand how you reached the conclusion you did, particularly how it factored in your competitors. Deal with specifics regarding the details of your plan! You should identify each major topic in your paper as reflected in the outline provided for the paper.

The intent of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to organize, develop and advance a service operation business plan vision using critical thinking through writing at a functional business level, as opposed to an academic level. You will be asked to share the development of your work, periodically during the course of the semester to ensure the advancement of the vision and the sophistication of the content of the paper. One important aspect is that of being able to communicate upward.

Everything you say must be supported (based upon existing, published, credible and identified sources). Here’s a list of publications where you can find articles to quote:

Academy of Management Journal Organizational Dynamics

Academy of Management Review Organization Behavior & Human Administrative Science QuarterlyDecision Processes

The BureaucratOrganization Science

California Management Review Policy Studies Journal

Harvard Business Review Policy Studies Review

Human RelationsPublic Administration Review

Journal of Management Public Management

Please use supporting details and the above resources as a reference.

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