How to negotiate with Powerful Suppliers– access through NU On-line library or summary
How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers.docx

Price/Cost Analysis–cost price analysis.pdf and Difference between Price and Cost Analysis.docx

Week 5 Discussion 1: Article Critique

This week, your professor assigned you an article to read. Now that you have submitted your summary, it is time to critique the article. In your initial post you are asked to do the following.

Criticize an aspect of the article and write a one-page critique of the article.

Questions to Consider

1) How to Negotiate with Powerful Suppliers

  • Why have suppliers gained power vs. customers in recent years?
  • Do your company’s suppliers have the gain in negotiations?
  • What is your company doing to strengthen its position?
  • What are 4 generic strategies for companies to mitigate supplier power?

2) Price/Cost Analysis

  • Why bother?
  • Which is the preferred method?
  • What is required for Price Analysis to be effective?
  • What is chief limitation of Cost Analysis?
  • How does your company use either method?
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