Description is a key element of any essay that you will write. In order to fully understand and present a subject, you have to be able to describe parts of it. You have to make the reader visualize what you are referring to. For example, imagine you are describing directions to a friend. How would you do that without using the specific details? If you include a left at a street that should have been a right, your friend might end up in the incorrect place. Now, imagine you are describing a building to someone who had never seen it before. Again, the details are important, and not just the visual details. Think of all the other ways our senses impact how we engage with something. In this assignment, you will be writing an essay with three complete paragraphs. This essay must answer ONE of these three questions: 1. Describe a place that you created in your imagination. • How has this place ultimately influenced or changed the course of your life?

2. Describe a time when you overcame an obstacle to accomplish something. • What impact did completing this obstacle have on your life?

3. Describe a childhood object that has particular significance to you. • What does that specific object from your childhood represent to you that makes it so significant?

Assignment Requirements

The Senses

The assignment revolves around descriptive phrasing. The more descriptive you can be with specific sensory details, the more relatable it will be to the reader.

• What did you see? Visually, consider what colors were present at the time. What did the place or object look like? How about the people there?
• What did you hear? How did people sound? Could you here just people or did the place or object have other sounds associated with it?

• What did you smell? Were there any specific smells that stood out to you? How would you describe those smells?

• What did you feel tactually? What did the object feel like? What things did you feel at the specific place or during the event?

ENG110 – College Writing Descriptive Writing Assignment
• Finally, what did you taste? How did something taste to you? For example: Was something particularly salty? Did it have a bitter taste?
First Person Narration

In most APA-style assignments, you should not use the word “I.” In this assignment, however, we want you to think subjectively to describe a event, place, or object so you will need to use “I.” In your use of first person make sure that you do two things:

• Describe the object, place, and event using the senses.
• Reflect on that description. How did this event, place, or object make you feel at the time? How have you changed from who you were THEN to who you are NOW.
Length, Organization, and Grammar

The organization of this essay should follow the basic three paragraph structure. Within that structure, you should place the essay in a logical order that highlights the descriptive details of your essay. Please also keep the following things in mind:

• This essay itself should be two pages in length. The assignment should also include an APA-style title page and headers, be double spaced, written in 12 point Times New Roman font, and have 1 inch margins.
• Include the following-
o An introduction that sets up what you are describing for the reader. End the introduction with the main idea that lets the reader know the focus of the paper. That main idea is the answer to the specific question asked under each subject.
o A body section with at least one paragraph that describes the place, event, or object to the reader.
o A concluding paragraph that wraps up the description and expresses to the reader some final thoughts on the description.
• This assignment does not require use of outside sources. If you use outside sources, please realize you must include in-text citations and references.
• Your writing should be free of punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors and contain appropriate word choice for an academic setting with clear sentence structure.

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