Write a 1000 word statement in which you propose a quantitative aspect of your hypothetical research project.

My Research Project: Gentrification and Displacement in New York City

In your first paragraph introduce your proposed research design with a brief paragraph in which you:

a) state the question you are researching and

b) present your favored argument.

In the second paragraph derive a hypothesis that you intend to examine in your research. To do so, describe the specific causal argument you could examine with your proposed quantitative research design. Then,

a) identify the suitable level of analysis for addressing that argument

b) conceptualize (define) the two main variables

c) identify which is the independent and which is the dependent variable,

d) formulate a hypothesis associated with the variables and

e) explain why the hypothesis is not tautological.

In the main section of your proposal, please describe a research design with which you could examine your favored causal argument in as much detail as possible. This would entail:

a) identifying the type of overall design (survey, content analysis or some type of secondary data analysis) and

b) detailing the design options you would pursue and why. So for example, if you propose to do a survey, justify your survey design and mode of administration choices. It would also entail:

c) describing how you would construct your sample to address generalizability concerns

d) identifying the units of analysis in your study and

e) detailing exactly how you intend to operationalize your two main variables. For surveys this means writing out the questions you propose to ask. For content analysis this means writing out the coding scheme you intend to use for coding your content.It would also entail

f) characterizing the type of measures you have (nominal, ordinal or continuous) and

g) explaining why you think your measurement has maximized validity and reliability.

At the end of the research proposal, write a statement for an IRB board. Introduce the statement with the subheading “IRB Statement”.The statement should

a) describe how your research will relate to human subjects (what interaction if any, will you have with human subjects? Or what identifiable information, if any, would you collect from human subjects?)

b) assess the potential harms (and benefits) to subjects of your research

c) assess the risk of experiencing these harms and

d) explain why the benefits of the study outweigh any potential risk of harm.

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