Rent, view and write a three or four page review of one of the following films. Your review should include the following:

  • A brief plot summary, sufficient to prove you actually saw the film
  • A discussion of the film’s Mise en Scene
  • A discussion of the director’s style
  • A discussion of your personal reaction to the film
  • Papers should not be over five pages.
  • Story
  • Acting performances
  • Cinematography

Film List:

Current films – Oscar Contenders

Roma (2018)

Vice (2018)

Green Book (2018)

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Classics and independent films available on Netflix and Amazon

Documentary: Gaga: Five Feet Two (2017)

Free Solo (2018)

Classics: The Commitments (1991)

Blood Diamond (2006)

The Wild Bunch (1969)

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