The journal should include definitions for important terms from the readings, a brief summary of the main points, and a paragraph reflecting on your reactions to the week’s material.

  • Lori Cox Han & Caroline Heldman. (2017). Women, Power, and Politics: The Fight for Gender Equality in the United States, First Edition. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780190620240

1-Introductions, Trans Politics:Heldman & Han, Ch. 1Gender Outlaws Reading Trans Politics Readings.

2-History of Women’s Movements:Heldman & Han, Ch. 2

3-Feminism:Heldman & Han, Ch. 3

4-Intersectionality:Hancock Reading Alexander-Floyd Reading

5-Gender and Popular Media: Heldman & Han, Ch. 4

6-Running for Office:Heldman & Han, Ch. 6 Fox and Lawless (2005)

7-Women in Legislative Office:Heldman & Han, Ch. 7 CAWP Reading

8-Women in Executive Office:Heldman & Han, Ch. 8 2020 Readings

9-Women in the Courts:Heldman & Han, Ch. 9

10-Public Policy I:Heldman & Han, Ch. 10 &11

11-Public Policy II:Heldman & Han, Ch. 12

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