Prompt: Analyze a contemporary world issue through a global lens. You must select a specific issue and address the following elements:

The paper must be about 1000 words, double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1in margins

History ____

In this section you should discuss the historical forces that led to the conflict. Was there colonialism in the region or country? How was the region or country affected by historical violence? Is there a history of ethnic tension or conflict? How was the issue framed historically?

Contemporary situation ____

In this section you should explain the contemporary situation. You need to identify and quantify the target population (ex. approximately 3,000 child soldiers in the DRC), identify the different actors both regional and international, and explain the relationships and conflicts between different actors and stakeholders.


What political, social, economic, or other factors are driving the current conflict or situation? How do they interact?


Find 3 different potential solutions to the conflict. Then choose the best solution and explain your reasoning


You should use a minimum of 5 sources in your paper. Academic sources, NGO reports, and news articles from credible agencies are all acceptable sources. Should include a works cited page at the end in MLA style.

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