Write a paper that responds to the questions: What, if any, limits should be set on genetic engineering? Provide justifications for views from the required readings in Chapters 22 and 14.

Please consult the readings in chapter 22, “Genetic Engineering”, for the pro and con perspectives on this issue. Then, choose the article with which you agree most and lead your paper with arguments from that article. Next, counter that article with the views of an opponent. You will do so by critiquing the first article you discussed with arguments from one of the other articles. In addition, supplement one of these articles with one of the readings assigned from chapter 14 on Climate Change. Finally, conclude the essay by responding to the opponent’s arguments with views of your own.

The structure of this paper is a common one for philosophers. Begin with an argument with which you agree, counter it with views of a reasonable opponent. Then, respond with counterarguments to the latter’s arguments. You can develop your own ideas in this final counterargument. You may integrate the third article in whichever way you see fit.

You must discuss at least one of these articles attached in chapter 22 (Not So Fast; Gary Comstock, Ethics and Genetically Modified Foods; Stat Shot) in some way in the paper, even if you merely incorporate elements of it into the paragraph on your view.


Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 Point Font, Correctly Cited. At least five references and do not write more than 5 pages.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I will attach chap 14& 22 in a second. Also im going to attach a paper that you wrote for me last week. I want the same forma

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