1 Write an analysis essay about a cyberspace, such as a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. Discuss how the “space” is used and if it’s an effective way to interact and connect with others. Remember to connect your ideas effectively.

2 I need a 5 paragraphs essay which includes introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion. About 500 words.

3 Analysis Essay: make a statement and show why it is true

Thesis statement: make a statement that is true; controlling ideas = reasons it is true

Body 1: Reason A that thesis is true

Body 2: Reason B that thesis is true

Body 3: Reason C that thesis is true

4 Do not write a perfect essay, you can add some grammar mistakes. I will show you the rubric below, i need mark around 80%, also, I do not need Reference or quotation

Essay adequately answers the chosen question 0-3

Essay is properly organized (analysis, problem-solution or descriptive) 0-2

At least one paragraph uses linear or constant information structure (p152-153) to create good cohesion 0-1 (do not need)

Passive voice is used wherever appropriate (especially to ‘de-personalize’ writing and maintain focus on topic) 0-2

Grammar is accurate (errors do not significantly interfere with understanding). 0-3

Essay includes three-five vocabulary items from unit 5 (please underline these in your essay) 0-3 (do not need)

Punctuation and spelling are accurate 0-2

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