Now that you have written your proposal and exploratory paper for essay #2, you will need to write your annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography focuses on the sources you will use to write essay #2. You should have six sources, and each source must have an annotated entry for your annotated bibliography. For each source, you will need to (1) state the source as it would appear in your works cited; and (2) write two paragraphs: (a) paragraph 1 will summarize the source, and (b) paragraph two will explain what this sources add to your paper or why you wish to use this source. The next document will give examples of an annotated bibliography or give further instructions on how to write you annotated bibliography. Remember, the sources you use for your annotated bibliography will be the sources you use for essay #2. If a source doesn’t appear in the annotated bibliography, then you can use it for essay #2. Also, you must download sources–the actual sources and not links to sources–with your annotated bibliography. You can cut and paste your sources into a word document file and then download the file, but I need your actual sources, and please do not give me links.

You should complete practice test for fallacies and the practice test for four types of argument. We will eventual have a fallacy and four-types of argument tests.

The exploratory paper is attached below. I have 3 sources so you need to find 3 more on “if force would work as a treatment on drug addicts.”

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The annotated bibliography file below is a rubric like example you have to follow.

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