I have an assignment writing 7 pages about international culture. All the information that you need you will see it in the files and how is the steps of doing the assignment. I choose AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH (my hometown) in Saudi Arabia to talk about it in this assignment please talk about (+Ramadan and Eid in AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH And also History of the city and the mountains story like Uhad mountain ) if you need more information about that tell me. So these some References is helpful to get info from it : https://www.isesco.org.ma/blog/2015/06/11/al-madinah-al-munawarrah-kingdom-of-saudi-arabia-as-islamic-culture-capital-of-the-arab-region-for-2013/

https://www.sauditourism.sa/en/aboutKSA/Regions/Madina/Pages/default.aspx in this website you’ll find atraction sites like Baqi Algharaqd and mention traditional food and dress also Madina and its surrounding areas. And museums.

Also this a story of one of the famous mountain it’s Uhud Mountain:


this’s Harrat Rahat volcano : https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/harrat_rahat.html

Also please don’t forget to provide the map that shown where’s AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH by specifically and clearly picture.

Please follow the steps that I provide it to you in the file

If you have any questions ask me!

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