Paper will take a stand on a controversial issue and advance a clearly stated thesis. This paper must show evidence of a clear pattern of argument and include a counter argument. It should also include evidence of transitional links and sources found through the databases, as well as a qualified web site and a visual resource. In addition, the genre must be of an ethical argument.

  • Background
  • Introduction and thesis statement
  • Opposing Viewpoint
  • Refutation of Opposing Viewpoint
  • Development of Argument, Using Evidence
  • Conclusion

Generally, an ethical argument attempts to demonstrate that specific actions or policies are either ethical or unethical. In other words, an ethical argument strives to persuade the reader that something is either morally right or wrong. Thus, it connects well with our focus on social justice.

Topic choice this time is up to you! The only requirement is that your subsequent argument falls under the umbrella of an ethical argument. When deciding on a debatable topic, you will want to choose one that has two sides. Your argument should have information that supports opinions and views for s specific side; you will present the opposing viewpoint in your counter argument and then refute it.

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  • The death penalty( I choose to support the death penalty, please be aware of this)

Paper Requirements:
5-8 pages, typed, double-spaced
Font 12

A minimum of 6 sources–Including a qualified web site and two sources from a EBSCOHOST database – all webpage sources must have urls and access dates
MUST include at least one visual source
MUST include parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list

Include an Annotated Works Cited page

MUST be an ethical argument

Additional notes on sources: ALL sources listed on the Works Cited page must be cited parenthetically or used in a signal phrase within the body of the paper. The heading, page numbers, and title must be in MLA format.

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