reflect on the film, and then discuss it. The focus of these reflections and discussions will be the themes of the films, not the plots. This means you are to reflect on what the film was about, not what happened in it. The themes will each reflect on one or more of the big questions of life.

when you reflect on these films, you should always be reflect on three questions that are applicable to all of the films.These questions are:

1) What is a key theme of this film?(Note:many films have multiple themes.)

2) What changes took place in the lives of the main characters, and what caused these changes?

3) To what extent does each of these films show a quest for something to believe in on the part of one or more main characters?In what do they end up believing?

Write a 1-2 page reflection paper on one of the themes. The papers will focus on how the theme impacts your own life, and it is not to be just vague musings on the theme in general. Apply it to your life!

For instance, you might use one of these sentences to begin your reflections:

–“One of the themes in this film that really struck me was X, because…”

–“I could identify with the theme of X because …”

–“I admire character X because …”

–“If I were character X, I would have acted differently in this way …

–“Character X showed the kind of negative traits that have impacted my life in these ways…”

You can chose one of these movies:

1) Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

2) Groundhog day

3) Casablanca

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