Abstract conclusion usually consists of a summarizing paragraph and conclusions based on the goals and objectives of the research. This is the most important part of the work, summarizing all the material presented before. The results should be summed up in your own words, and not direct quotes from the previous text. The formulation must include the justification for the judgments expressed in the work. For a better perception of the material, it is advisable to write conclusions in a thesis, and not in continuous text, separately describing the results of each of the sections of the abstract.

What to Write in the Abstract Conclusion?

The closing section should not contain new information. Conclusion – summarizing the information presented in the work. In order not to deviate from the topic under study, when writing, you should focus on the tasks set in the introduction to the work. If the issue under consideration is relevant and interesting to the author, you can note your own attitude to the problem as a whole. Also, in conclusion, you can include a few short sentences and prospects for further research in a given direction.

How to Draw an Abstract conclusion

To write abstract conclusion, you need to carefully re-read its main part, highlight the main idea of ​​each section. Conclusions should not duplicate each other formally and even more so in meaning. You should adhere to a scientific style of presentation, avoid using personal pronouns, and strive to accurately convey the essence of the research.

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Requirements for an Abstract Conclusion:

  • There should be a clear correlation with the designated goals and objectives of the study;
  • The presence of statistical and analytical data is desirable;
  • References are allowed only to the sources cited in the work, or to your own conclusions;
  • Clarity and unambiguity of wording.

Phrase Templates for an Abstract Conclusion

For writing conclusions, it is recommended to use certain speech patterns and clichés that will help avoid tautology:

  • Based on the analysis of the studied literature
  • Summing up the above
  • Thus, it can be argued
  • The work done allows
  • In conclusion, it should be noted
  • Summarizing the above
  • Based on analysis
  • Research has shown
  • The material presented in the work allows us to conclude
  • Based on the work done, it can be assumed
  • Determined that
  • Study authors come to
  • We researched (got)
  • We managed

Sample conclusion in the abstract according to the requirements for the preparation of abstracts, the size of the Abstract Conclusionconclusion should not exceed one or two printed sheets. First of all, the theoretical part is summarized, after – the practical research.

The conclusion in the abstract is a summing up of the work, based on the analysis of the facts considered, systematized and carefully studied in the course of the study. Conclusions are a listing of the author’s beliefs, confirmed by the material used for the text of the work. A correctly drawn up conclusion significantly reduces the list of questions to the student when defending the abstract, if it is provided. (Click here for sample)

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