Criteria of Writing Proficiency Prior to selecting papers for your e-portfolio, it is critical that you review the criteria upon which the General Education program defined writing proficiency, since these are the criteria upon which evaluators will base their assessment of writing proficiency in your work. Writing proficiency involves Critical Thinking/Critical Reading/Elements of Writing. These capabilities are demonstrated within an essay by the following criteria:

● Position: Offers a position or stance taken by the student that is appropriate and that thoughtfully considers an answer to a question.

● Choice and Explanation of Evidence: Includes evidence that is relevant to the argument being presented and this evidence should have clear explanations.

● Source Use: It should be clear that the position taken has been developed through the analysis of sources, and that the reader is able to distinguish the author’s own ideas from ideas in supporting source material.

● Structure and Organization: The writing samples should have global structure while effectively using paragraph breaks and transitions to support this structure. ● Language Use: The writing should illustrate control of language to convey meaning in a clear manner.


-Look at my 3 essays to see if it meet the requirements above.

-Put all of my essays in APA same structure

-Fix my grammar and structure if needed to meet the requirements.

-Help me do the reflection Survey

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