Background Information Influencer Marketing is not new, but it is a style of marketing which has evolved from the rise and success of social media. Influencer Marketing presents a perfect opportunity for hotels, and hospitality in general. However, many decision makers in hospitality do not understand what influencer marketing is, let alone the benefits specific to their organisation

Task Choose a hotel of your choice and create a professional PowerPoint presentation for the management team and develop recommendations on the use of influencer marketing, specific to them. You must develop an engaging and persuasive PowerPoint, detailing the following:
• A brief introduction to influencer marketing, and two (2) examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns that are relevant to the chosen hotel?
Develop recommendations tailored to the chosen property, setting out ways in which they could implement an influencer marketing plan
• Considering the existing use of social media by the chosen property, explain what the advantages could be of using influencer marketing (as a result of implementing your recommendations)

• Suggest at least three (3) goals the organisation could set to measure the success of the recommended campaign

• Explain how the management team would monitor and track key metrics for your influencer plan.

This assessment will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, with a combination of slides and notes.

The slides should be professional looking with appropriate branding and images.

This is no minimum or maximum number of slides.

• The notes will hold all the information for your assignment, which must within the word limit, that is, 1,000 words. The words in your notes section of your slides will be collated and counted to determine your word count.

• Words used in the visual slides will not be counted.

• Typically, your slides will have minimal words.

The word will be prompts for a future presentation to your hotel managers.

• The final slide must be your reference list, formatted correctly.

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