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Discuss “Cholly and Pauline, A Love Story”. What causes the destruction of their love story?

The reading should be monster in the book the bluest eye

Any of the Study Guide Questions for Morrison’s The Bluest Eye is a good focus for a close reading of the novel. You may also create a question of your own.

Your essay will be a built upon a close reading of the text.

Close reading is important because it is the building block for larger analysis. Your thoughts evolve not from someone else’s truth about the reading, but from your own observations. The more closely you can observe, the more original and exact your ideas will be. To begin your close reading, ask yourself several specific questions about the passage. When you arrive at some answers, you are ready to organize and write. You should organize your close reading like any other type of essay, paragraph by paragraph, but you can arrange it any way you like.

As you select your topic, keep in mind important ideas we have discussed: point of view; character; structure of the novel; and the cultural and historical context of the novel.

Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement is the answer to the question you are asking. It should appear at the end of your introductory paragraph. Use the introductory paragraph to introduce Morrison’s novel and the idea you will explore.

Topic Sentences: Each paragraph in the body of the essay will have a topic sentence. It says what the paragraph will be about. It relates back to the thesis statement.

Transitions: Each paragraph, beginning with the second body paragraph, will contain a transition in the topic sentence. It may be a word or phrase repeated from the previous paragraph, connecting the ideas.

References to the text: Since you are only using The Bluest Eye, you may include page references in the text as follows: p. 47 (for one page), or pp, 47-48 (for more than one page). If you use Morrison’s speech as a source, include “Speech” along with the page number or numbers.

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