Organizations ranging from large enterprises to small colleges receive requests for experts to serve as consultants, interview subjects, or speakers at public venues. Recognized experts do not publish solely in scholarly, academic journals. They appear in the media, contribute articles to newspapers and journals, and particularly in the case of IT, they participate in professional sites, discussion lists, and blogs meant for both specialists and the general public. Recognized experts are adept at communicating with anyone through practically any communication medium.

As you become a recognized expert in your area of IT, you need to develop this same communication skill. In this course, you have already practiced communicating to a range of audiences: family members, coworkers and colleagues, and a Board of Directors. Each audience required a different level of detail and communication approach. With this Assignment, you continue to practice your communication skills, which will help you increase your exposure and your network. This week, you explain a technology-related topic with a social impact to the general public. Write and submit a blog posting of approximately 750 words for the general public explaining a technology-related topic of your choosing and analyzing the social impact of this topic. Do not feel the need to restrict yourself to text only. You may include links and images as appropriate

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