Be sure the paper has the following elements:

– An analytical purpose, in the form of a thesis statement (in the introduction)

– Clear structure: introduction, 3-5 (or more) body paragraph with transition, and a brief conclusion, each body paragraph should serve a distinct purpose that will help validate the thesis, each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence

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– A pattern of assertion and evidence

– Minium plot summary

Option 2: Historical / cultural analysis of Updike’s “A & P”

If you choose this option, your research should be focused primarily on finding information that is not literary criticism. You’re looking for research that gives you a deeper understanding of life in America in 1961, particularly those areas that inform the story. You should find and use at least three additional sources that are non-literary, e.g., historical, cultural, sociological, and at least one of these sources must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal. You may also use literary criticism if you like, but the main focus of your research should be non-literary.

I attached the story below

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