I need help with annotated bibliographies about Womenhood in the Color Purple.

I have 5 sources and I need you to do annotated bibliographies. Each source has to have 3 paragraphs; 1 first paragraph is summarize, 2 second paragraph is assess, and 3 third paragraph is reflect.

Stănişoară, Codruţa Mirela. “Alice Walker’s Colors of Identity.” Journal of Literature and Art Studies 6.9 (2016): 989-995.

Vetrivel, Abirami. “Celie, The Black Thunder: An Ecofeministic Study of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.” Anglisticum Journal 3.3 (2015).

Nguyen, Ca huan L., “A Joint Reading of the Color Purple and the Awakening: From Feminism to Womanism and the Signi cance of Authentic Feminine Space.” esis, Georgia State University, 2010.

Walker, Alice. “ In Search of our Mother’s Gardens” Womanist Prose Novel.

Missouri, Montré Aza. “Womanism and Womanist Gaze.” Black Magic Woman and Narrative Film. Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2015. 23-48.

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