• Answer any 2 of the following questions.
  • This exam is open book; you are being graded on your application of knowledge.
  • Write an essay of 1.5-2 pages double-spaced for EACH question.
  • Total submission will be 3-4 pages – please put both essays into 1 document only.
  • Be clear and express your perspective, then support your assertions with valid argument and drawing on the readings, lectures, and discussions for this class.
  • If you use sources outside of those in class, please use citations


1. Authentic Leadership

Read the articles from Week 6 – “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership” and “The Authenticity Paradox.” Compare and contrast the perspective from each article. Which perspective is better? Why? Make sure to include your personal perspective, such as whether you are a “chameleon” or a “true-to-self-er.”

2. “New Belgium Brewery” + “Get the Boss to Buy In”

Imagine that you are an employee at NBB, and you have a great idea for a new product or service that NBB could add to its portfolio. Using the 7-step framework (in “Get the Boss…”) for selling your ideas in the organization, describe specifics of each step including what the solution is. (You will have to make up a new product line or service. Some ideas might be: a non-alcoholic beer or brewed drink, a line of NBB brew pubs, some kind of new partnership, use your entrepreneurial imagination.)

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