Listed below are the questions that have to be answered.

1. A buys a business located in El Cajon from B.As part of the sales contract, A requires that B not start a similar business within a 100 mile radius for a two year period.B starts a competing business in Oceanside (which is < 100 miles from El Cajon).A sues B.What is the result and why?

2. N attends an estate sale and finds a painting she likes.She buys it for $25 and then takes it to Antiques Road Show.She discovers the painting is worth $5,000.The estate sues N to rescind the contract?What is the result and why?

3. Mark was shopping for a used car in February.He went to Car World and test-drove a used 2005 Toyota Camry.While driving the car, he looked at the climate control center and noticed that the temperature lever was marked “cold” at one end in blue and “hot” at the other end in red.Mark assumed that the “cold” marking meant that the car had air conditioning.Mark always wanted to have an air-conditioned car.He did not discuss air conditioning with the salesperson and bought the car.When Mark was showing his new car to friends, one of them pointed out that the car was not air-conditioned.Mark wants to rescind the contract.Can he do so?Why or why not?

4. Sam Sports Star orally agrees to a 5 year employment agreement with the San Diego Padres.After six months playing for the Padres, the Padres decide to terminate the contract.What are the issues?Who wins in court and why?(2 points)

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