Please respond to either one of the questions for each chapter in an essay format in no less than 4 paragraphs.

Chapter 9: Managing Diversity and Inclusion

  1. How is workforce diversity affected by an organization’s recruitment, selection, orientation and training programs? Discuss how EACH of these program’s impact the organization. OR
  2. Does electronica communication in the workplace (e-mail, text messaging, Skpe/Face Time etc.) help or hinder communication n a Multicultural organization? In what ways?

Chapter 10: Leadership

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  1. Are men and women equally affective as leaders in all situations? Why or why not? Do Cultural differences play a role? Why of why not? OR
  2. A study in about participation in decision making found that the democratic approach resulted in the most positive attitudes, but an autocratic approach resulted in higher performance.

Think about an experience in the classroom. Does you’re your performance improve if the professor exercises autocratic leadership? Why or why not?

Chapter 11: Motivating People

  1. Merit increases are increases in wages given to an employee to reward good performance. Unions often oppose merit increases because they believe there is a lack of objective criteria for awarding increases, and this allows favoritism to enter into the merit increase. What impact does this have on motivation?
  2. If you won $ 50 million in the NY State lottery this weekend, would you continue to work – perhaps not in your current job, but in another job? Why? What does this say about employees’ motivation in the works place?


Chapter 12: Teamwork

  1. In what ways might electronic communication improve the stages of group development, particularly in virtual and transactional teams? How could a team leader improve communication among team members?
  2. Edwin Lawler, Management Professor at the University of Southern California, states, “Teams are the Ferraris of work design, They’re high performance, but high maintenance and expensive.”


Do you agree? Why or why not?

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