1.Analyze how nationalism and imperialism contributed to the outbreak of World War I. Use historical examples to support your answer.
Of the various causes of World War I, which do you think was the most important and why?

2. Identify and describe two causes of the Second World War.
Then analyze significant ways in which World War II changed the world. Make sure you use enough historical details to support your answer.

3. Identify and analyze at least two events from the Cold War. Then assess how these events affected the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. Make sure you use enough details to support your answer.

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4. Analyze how the ideas and actions of Jean Monnet led to the creation of the European Economic Union in 1958. Point out the events that led to the creation of the EEC, and what events followed. Clearly distinguish those countries that supported European unity and those that did not. Use specific details to support your answer. Then evaluate the relative success of the European Union (EU), in terms of its ability to create a “United States of Europe.”

Answer each question individually. Provide any references.

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