Requirements Include:

  • Cover page (5 points)
  • 4 articles (20 points)
  • 4 class films (20 points)
  • 4 PowerPoint presentations (20 points)
  • References (10points)
  • Proof of plagiarism and editorial support/review (5points)

80 points

Concept Paper:

Select 4 articles, 4 required films, and 4 PowerPoint presentations introduced between weeks 1-6 to address in your concept paper. Your paper should summarize the overarching learning themes or concepts. Please bold your first reference to each article title, film title and PowerPoint presentation.

4 articles:

This one is the first file blow.

4 films:

Becoming American: the Chinese experience

White like me: Race, Racism & White Privilege in America.

Unspoken:America’s Native American Boarding Schools.

Race: the power of an illusion.

If you cannot open the film, you can search on Kanopy or other websites.

4 Powerpoint:

In the file below.

Paper Outline:

  • Introduction and what overarching theme or concept you plan to explore e.g., white anti-racism, process of racialization, Indigenous genocide and land displacement or intersectionality.
  • Summarize the materials you plan to use and explain why these concepts are important to understanding of race, ethnicity and inequality.
  • In conclusion, share what surprised you most about the materials you incorporated, and any personal connections you made between the materials you select.

Don’t forget the following requirements:

All Writing Assignments Require the Following:

  • 12-point font, Single spaced
  • Times New Roman (or an easy reading font) throughout. Please *Do Not* use multiple font types.
  • 1 or 1.5 spacing, preferred. Please *Do Not* double space your paper.
  • MLA style cover page
  • MLA style reference page or bibliography, if needed


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