Use it as a reference. create a python program that will ask users to input four different manufacturers of cars(e.g Ford, GM, etc) . You will create a class car and ask the user to enter in additional information about the car, such as it’s color and model(escape,denali,etc) and price(you can research prices). Then add the ability to compare cars using a function defined in the car class to see which is more expensive. Output should look like:

>> Enter a car Manufacturer: Ford

>> Now enter a car model: Escape

>> What color is the car: Red

>> How much does the car cost? : $20000


For the compare, print out all of the cars and ask the user if they can select any two cars. Based on their selection, output the most expensive car. Remember to use the built in class function to do the compare.

>> Select any two car models: Fiesta Denali

>> Based on your selection, the GM Denali is more expensive that the Ford Fiesta.

>> The GM cost is $40000, while the Ford is $20000.

Notice the Manufacturer and model is printed in the final output.

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