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Complete Textbook (Problems & Applications) & post online. DUE DATE: 3.10.2019

Chapter 1 – Answer Question #5 p.36

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Ch 1.Visit and observe three restaurants. compare them in terms of the four Vs. think about the impact of volume, variety, variation and visibility on the day-to-day management of each of the operations and consider how each operation attempts to cope with its volume, variety, variation and visibility.

Chapter 2 – Answer Question #7 p.72

Ch 2.Devise a performance measurement scheme for the performance of the course you are following.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Operations Management (8e)

By Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones, Robert Johnston

This is the book the course is based upon. No other book may be

Substituted. Failure to obtain the book is a huge problem!

i have text book i will give login credetinals for it

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