Diversity is an important issue within organizations as is leadership. Explain, separately, why each concept is important and why good workplace diversity as well as good leadership is important. What are the positive aspects each brings to an organization as well as to the people within the organization? What can be the drawbacks/issues of each? What are the implications to the people within the organization if each is not properly working? Tie in other OB concepts within your answers to all the questions above.

Next, create a workplace diversity training program focused on leaders within an organization. Why would this type of training be important to have within an organization? Within your training program discuss what level of diversity you will aim the program at as well as the type of leadership style you would promote within the program. Explain why you would aim the training at the level named and why you would aim it at the type of style discussed. As part of your answer include two training objectives, a discussion of the needs assessment, a discussion of the type of training delivery and why you would use this delivery, a discussion of how you would evaluate the effectiveness of your program, and how you would ensure transfer of training. Within each of the parts to be discussed regarding your program ensure you explain why each is important to a training program, i.e. why should each be completed? Why does each part need to be thought through prior to actual delivery? Be as detailed as possible regarding each aspect of the training program within the 6-8 page limitation.

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