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Emotional Intelligence is acquired through self-exploration
and self-reflection to gain awareness and understanding of one’s self.
“Emotional intelligence is developed through insight into one’s self”
(Yoder-Wise, 2011). Emotional intelligence can be thought of as the point where
attitude and reasoning meet. “Emotional intelligence has come to be recognized
as foundational for organizational health and it is the intersection of
thinking and emotion” (Huber, 2014).

Self-awareness explores the relationship between your
emotional state, reactions and responses and how they may influence the people
that surround you. “Self-awareness is the ability to read one’s own emotional
state and be aware of one’s own mood and how this affects staff relationships”
(Huber, 2014). Self-awareness is a necessary characteristic of successful
leader. “Self-awareness is crucial to leadership effectiveness and is the focus
for many leadership exercises” (Huber, 2014). Profound self-awareness
incorporates comprehension of the circumstances and identifying one’s own
emotions related to the circumstances. “Deepening self-awareness involves
stepping outside oneself to envision the context of what is happening while
recognizing and owning feelings associated with an event”(Yoder-Wise, 2010).

A positive and effective leader would encompass a deeper
level of self-awareness. My current manager is able to control her emotional
state, reactions and responses in a very structured way. I believe that a basic
level of self-awareness has been met, in her case. In order to build upon this
foundation, I feel that she could further develop an understanding of the
employee’s perspectives, state of mind and feelings regarding the situation as
well. She can come across unrealistic and unreasonable and staff often feels
frustrated and unappreciated. A successful manager should understand the issues
of the unit; address them in an effective and considerate manner without making
people feeling attacked, demeaned or unheard. Being aware of personal feelings,
ability to express themselves in a professional fashion, understanding the
situation and how others involved are feeling is essential to being a winning
leader and manager.

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