Answers must be 250 words a piece with a reference ..

Question 1.

Two different processes of cell division, meiosis and mitosis, have evolved over time. Both of these are involved in cell division, but their results are distinctly different. Explain how the processes of meiosis and mitosis differ and how the outcomes are different. Offer an explanation why two different processes are needed.

Question 2.

Pick a trait that you can see in either a plant or animal. Explain how the alleles determine the phenotype for that trait and then describe how the environment might influence the phenotype. Please try to use a specific example that is not already explained.

Question 3.

Select two different ecosystems and discuss the energy levels found within the ecosystem. Include in your discussion examples of organisms within the ecosystem that are considered to be decomposers, producers and consumers. Discuss the importance of energy flow balance to ecosystem survival and longevity.

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