Complete the following:

In this assignment, you will identify a baseline of security on your own computer and explore how it can be improved. This week focuses on administrative security. Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh (Mac) offer tools to allow you to better manage the security on a home computer.

  • For Microsoft Windows: Click the link to visit the website related to Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) and download MBSA:
    Run MBSA on your computer. Create a Microsoft Word document sharing the results of the scan on your computer and attach it to your post in the Discussion Area.
  • For Apple Macintosh: If you are using a Mac instead of a PC, you will need to identify a vulnerability scanner that works with your version of Mac OS. One example of this type of tool repository can be found at:

Determine the security updates that apply to your computer. Compile a list of security updates for your computer and provide a summary of the vulnerabilities they prevent from being exploited. Provide a summary of the course of action you have taken to secure your computer. If your computer is up-to-date in terms of recommended patches and configuration changes, choose three of the optional enhancements that would apply to your operating system (OS) version and summarize why they would be beneficial.

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Respond to the following after you have completed your analysis.

Answer the following questions:

  • What are the biggest threats to a personal computer (PC)? Justify your answer. Have any of these threats been detected on your machine?
  • Why is virus protection so important on a PC? How does spyware compare to viruses as a threat to your personal information? Explain your reasoning.
  • What steps can be taken to make your PC more secure? Outline at least two steps. What areas of security do these steps address? Run the test again with any corrections to the system to resolve the identified problems and explain the steps you took to improve security on your system.
  • What are the biggest threats to a PC and Mac? Are they significantly different? Explain your answer using examples.
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