You are tasked with implementing three different queues:

  1. Dynamic Array FIFO Queue
  2. Doubly Linked List FIFO Queue
  3. Priority Queue

You are also to write a driver program called ‘’.

Driver Program

The driver should start by prompting the user for the type of queue he or she would like:

What type of queue would you like:

  1. Array FIFO Queue
  2. Linked List FIFO Queue
  3. Priority Queue

Next, the program should loop on the following prompt:

What would you like to do:

  1. Add item to queue
  2. Dequeue
  3. Quit

If the user selects option 1, then prompt the user for the name of the new assignment, followed by the value and days until due. If the second option is selected, then dequeue from the queue and print out the object (use the toString provided).

Test Cases

As with all our projects, you are expected to generate your own test cases. Consider dequeing from an empty queue. What if an assignment has 0 days until due?

Write Up

  1. Run time Analysis: Use Big-Oh notation to give the runtime complexity of each sorting method you implemented
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