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There are many reasons as to why a practicing nurse would want to publish. Following the increased job applications, all the nurses have almost similar resumes. Therefore, there is the need to be unique to secure a job. Publishing becomes an ideal situation as it can be easily added into the achievements field. It has also been highly valued in the nursing field and is considered a great success. The recent nursing blogs have also made it easy for nurses to publish their work, creating a new field of business as a nurse writer.

On the attached guidelines of Elsevier journals, there are various requirements both strange and familiar. For instance, the personal details such as email address and full postal address of the writer should be included. Also, there should be an inclusion of all the necessary files such as keywords, tables, figures and the in-text citations which should match with the references provided (Grove, et al., 2014). The strange requirements include the follow-up of the ethics in publishing and declaration of interest to the people that could be of adverse effects to the publication.

If I were to write a journal, I believe that I currently have all the material information required to follow the guidelines accurately. For example, the guidelines are a source of information literacy, and they provide the ability to recognize the required information, its location, evaluation and the wise skills of using the required data accurately. As a matter of fact, much of the information is readily available on the internet (Grove, et al., 2014).

In the instance where one lacks adequate information to follow up the guidelines, then additional information can be obtained from the web as well as other primary and secondary sources of data. Other useful techniques include interviewing experts and the analysis of other useful materials on the same topic (Potter, et al., 2016).

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