my topic is : blue light emissions and eye health

This link… is very helpful in reiterating the difference between a research paper and see attached literature review.

For this “half-draft,” here’s what I’m looking for:

  • about 4-5 pages (double-spaced)
  • 6 articles of the required 12 represented in the prose (10 must be peer-reviewed)
  • an intro section that sets up your research question and appropriate background
  • some sense of your organization

By including six articles, I mean that I want to see six different articles somehow woven into the text. This could mean that you reference two at once, if they say essentially the same thing; this might mean that you discuss a handful in detail while you summarize others. Regardless of how you end up writing your lit review, you shouldn’t quote extensively from any source (this is actually quite rare in literature reviews).

By organization, I’m hoping to see some sections/headings that show how you’re synthesizing all the research. While I do not expect perfect drafts or anything close to complete, I do expect to see enough work so that I can read and provide helpful feedback.

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