I need help creating 3 simple, images of anything using Java 2D graphic methods to rotate, scale and translate each of the images.

Some of the stuff i need to follow are;

Java 2D graphics application that creates 3 images.The images should have the following specifications:

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  • Size: minimum 25×25 pixels, larger images are Okay
  • Type: Color (consists of two or more colors)
  • Simple form or shape (Hint: consider a letter or number, or even simple shapes such as crossing lines, rectangles, or circles
  • You should generate the image inside of separate methods and store them as 2D arrays.

Use Java 2D graphics to display your original images.

For each image use the existing Java 2D graphics transformation methods to translate, rotate and scale each object. You should perform the following transformations on each image:

  • Translate -5 in x direction, Translate +7 in the y direction.
  • Rotate 45ï‚° counter clockwise.
  • Rotate 90ï‚° clockwise
  • Scale 2 times for the x component, scale 0.5 times for the y component
  • Each of these transformations should be displayed in sequence with the images always starting from the previous transformation as opposed to the original image.
  • Use Java 2D graphics to display each transformation for each image. (Hint: review the Project 1 template for a good start for this project.) 4. All Java source code should be written using Google Java style guide.
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