Compile what you have worked on thus far and write a leadership development plan for yourself. You will need to include your self-identification of leadership style evaluation, analysis of the leadership theory you portray, the best approach to handle challenges as a leader, and the best way for you to lead a team. Include your “invisible mentor” as examples to support your plan, as well as scholarly research. Remember to include leadership traits, behaviors, and skills.

For the assignment, submit the following in a 4-page paper:

  • A synopsis of the leadership style you currently portray.
  • A synopsis of the leadership theory you currently portray.
  • A synopsis of how you currently handle challenges and lead teams.
  • Develop at least three SMART goals to take you to the next level of leadership skill and ability. Use your personal assessment in comparison to your mentor to determine gaps you need to develop.
  • Create your action plan to achieve your SMART goals.
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