1)article link:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-22… (Read the article before doing the discussion argument)

2)The discussion require utilize theory to talk about the given case, and I will provide it in the file section. the required theory for this case is using Utilitarianism. (READ IT TO UNDERSTAND ITS DEFINITION)

3) additional comment from professor:

Utilitarianism is a good theory choice, and you have some ideas to work with.

Just an FYI for when we choose theories later in the semester.

This case is a JUSTICE case more than any other theory. JUSTICE is not an option for this 1st discussion, so go with utilitarianism.

JUSTICE theory gives us what we are missing here and what we will have to work hard to get to using utilitariansim

Because utilitarianism never cares if something is fair or not.

But that’s what we feel is the issue here. That’s what we are missing. These companies are not being fair to developers. Be sure not to say this when doing your utilitarianism–fairness is not relevant to utilitarianism.

4) I also provide the format and requirement for writing the argument section for this discussion(OUTLINE EXAMPLE- and find format for discussion)

5) my topic for the argument is : does harms side of the theory

The length of the argument should be around half page and below one page.

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