I’ve already attached the Proposal and first design pass of the project to use some of its information and to know what has been done so far. Also, a direct link to the selected project to get clear idea’s about the project and how it works. https://nevonprojects.com/motion-controlled-pick-p…

I need ppt slides and more importantly a word file including the complete presentation that will be presented.

Here is the oral presentation instruction:

1. A ten-minute oral/visual presentation of the project.

– A summary of the project objectives.

– A summary of the hardware design, any significant calculations, etc.

– A summary of the software design, if appropriate.

– A summary of results relative to satisfaction of project objectives.

2. To increase the quality of your presentation:

– Establish the context for your work (define the problem, say why it is important to find a solution, outline the process that was followed to solve the problem, i.e. complete the design),

– Tell the audience your topic, discuss it, and then summarize what you have said,

– Take the time to make visual aids clear and easy to see, and

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