Please use textbook and other resources to help you answer these questions

Please write answers in your own words

Must be APÁ styl

Essay #1: Compare and contrast the mechanisms of action of lipid – soluble vs. water soluble hormones? Give an example of one lipid and one water soluble hormones and for each what are their actions in the body?

Essay #2: what feedback systems regulate the hormones you choose, and how does this feedback system affects the body plus the level of other hormone in the blood?

Essay #3: what are the effects of each of the two hormones produced by the adrenal gland and ovaries? ( chapter 16 – Amerman; Chapter 17 – Jen3e Chapter 17 Pwpt, & Summary )

Essay #4: A patient with Chronic skeletal muscle spasms was placed on an anticholinergic medication ( Chapter 14 ) the muscle spasms have gone, but now the patient also reports a loss of muscle strength. In addition, the patient’ s blood pressure is so low that she faints if she stands up too quickly. Explain the effects of the medication the patient received?

Essay #5: Name and describe the locations of the four major plexuses of spinal nerves. Name two major nerves arising from each of the four major plexuses, and which part of the body they affect / support ( Chapter 13. Section 13.3 in Amerman )

Essay #6: explain the different “ Errors in Refraction “ ( see 15.5 ) and what are the major structures in the inner ear, their function ( what do they do & how ) ( sec 15.5)?

Essay #7: An autonomic neuron releases the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. What can you tell about this neuron’ s role in the ANS? What possible characteristics can be determined about the postsynaptic cell? Explain your answers and also explain why the Sympathetic division of the ANS has more widespread and longer – lasting effects than the Parasympathetic division? ( Chapter 14 )

Essay #8: Explain the process by which Smell, Taste, Light sensation are sensed and perceived ( Note: Explain the entire pathway for each from the sensory receptor ( Olfactory, Gustatory, or Photoreceptors ) to the brain, & how these sensations are processed / integrated / interpreted in the brain )? ( Chapter 15 – in Amerman )

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