Part One. This portion will require you to develop a research study for your topic. After reviewing the articles you have chosen this semester regarding your topic, return to Chapter 1 in your textbook and:

  • a)provide a hypothesis;
  • b)the type of design would you use and an explanation;
  • c)description and explanation of your sample to use for your study;

Part Two. This portion requires you to create a knowledge quiz about your topic. If you were going to test other people (your sample) about the research you’ve been conducting, create a five question “quiz” that you would use from at least three articles you are planning for your final submission. These questions would test the individuals’ knowledge of the topic. Provide the correct answers and their sources.

Part Three. Do you think the people you would include in your quiz would be able to pass the quiz? Why or why not? How might you improve their performance?

Part Four. Search the current news media and find an item that would be relevant to your topic. Explain the relevance of the media item to your topic. Include your media source as a citation.

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