Topic: Training Effectiveness

Many times training results are not measured sufficiently and/or correctly to provide valuable assessment data regarding the efficacy of the training. The training objectives need to be clear, and tied to specific business goals. The manner of measuring training success should be determined at the beginning such that effective evaluation can be performed post-training and any remedial action or follow-up to the training can be enacted.


Suppose you are a training leader at a manufacturing company. You have been asked to deliver a report about how you will assess the effectiveness of a new training program your department is going to develop regarding more effective customer service at your call centers and addressing the increased product returns. There have been decidedly too many customers hanging up after holding on the phone line for 5 minutes or more and too many customers doing in-store returns of product.

  • Explain what action would be appropriate to determine if training is necessary and the three areas that would need to be addressed. What information would you want to obtain in each area?
  • Give some examples of business measures that the training could impact that might be relevant to these managers. Explain why they would be relevant.

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