Choosing a Leadership Style

Human service and public service leaders determine, develop, and maintain an organizational culture that can best meet the expectations—if not thrive—in the external environment.

In this assignment, choose the leadership style that best fits you, and translate your leadership style into action by writing a paper in which you analyze how your own vision, mission, and values relates—or do not relate—to the continuum of care services you identified in Unit 2.

Complete the following three parts.

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Part 1: Select a Leadership Style

From the list below, choose the leadership style that best fits you personally:

  • Transitional/transactional.
  • Servant-leadership.
  • Strategic.
  • Participative.
  • Collaborative
  • Situational.

You will have to look up information on each of the leadership styles above; the Capella University Library’s Summon search engine is a good starting point. Peer-reviewed articles may provide information on the leadership styles as part of the introduction to a study, but you may also have to use other scholarly sources, such as textbooks, dictionaries, and so on. Note that transformational leadership is not an option; this is an opportunity for you to learn about other leadership styles.

Part 2: Explain Your Leadership Style

Complete the following:

  • Define the leadership style you chose and explain why you chose it.
  • Explain how you can use this leadership style to improve one major problem area in the long-term care continuum. Address how this leadership style addresses ethical dilemmas related to this problem area. Support your work with academic references.

Part 3: Develop Your Personal Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Complete the following:

  • Design your personal vision, mission, and values statements related to the long-term continuum of care.
  • Using the continuum of care services you identified in your Unit 2 assignment, provide a brief summary of the vision, mission, and values of the organization that offers the services.
  • Compare and evaluate how your personal vision, mission, and values fit or do not fit within this organization.

Assignment Requirements

  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • Writing should be free of grammatical errors that detract from the overall message. Writing should be clear, concise, and well organized.
  • Use a minimum of 8 scholarly and professional resources to support your work.
  • Follow APA guidelines throughout.
  • Use Times New Roman font, 12-point.
  • Your paper should be 6–8 pages, double-spaced.
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