Written / Oral Questioning

Research a company online and find out an organizational chart and the director/manager, please provide the link as well.


Written / Oral Questioning

Name all stakeholders and roles in that company you found in Q1. Who would be influential in decisions about a web project and why?


Written / Oral Questioning

Identify what information you should ask if you first meet your client.


Name difference methods to liaison with clients and state the advantages and disadvantages.


Written / Oral Questioning

From the Business Requirements Report (Course Materials 2.1), identify the business problems and opportunities, Project Aims, Constraints and Objectives.


Written / Oral Questioning

From the same Report in Q2.1, identify the system boundaries and scope.


From the Same Report in Q2.1, develop a Problem Statement, which provides with a documented basis for the project and get sign-off from the client.State the problem itself, How to solve the problem and purpose, objective and scope of the project.


List all project documents you need to prepare and also the purposes of them.


Written / Oral Questioning

What problem will be caused if there is no documents between client and you?


Written / Oral Questioning

Identify the implementation steps.


Research all techniques to assist you in determining the client responses are fall into functional requirements and their characteristics.


List all elements which should be included in Detailed Functional Specification.


Write three samples for functional requirements and three for non-functional requirements


List out any stakeholders are involved in review of documentation.Compare different methods of communication in regard to the reviewing documents.


Written / Oral Questioning

Why is so important to work with client to verify system specifications?What is the advantages of updating documentation?


Written / Oral Questioning

What are the impacts if we don’t have any sign off document from client?

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